Secrets of Best Blogging Sites Exposed

Secrets of Best Blogging Sites Exposed


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This tutorial reveals the secrets of best blogging sites. You will discover different ways of coming up with new ideas that you can blog about on your site for you to transform your blog into one of the best blogging sites on the internet.

You will not only discover ways to create great content but you will also learn how to keep readers interested in wanting to discover more about your products and services. To have one of the best blogging sites, you need an effective action plan about creating and adding fresh content to your blog on a regular basis.


If you are keen on:

  • ·       Growing your presence online successfully.
  • ·       Staying ahead of your competitors.
  • ·       Getting your readers to share your content with others.
  • ·       Getting Search Engines to reward you with massive traffic.

A major secret to all of these is: don’t ever starve your blog of fresh content.

Transforming your Blog into one of the Best Blogging Sites:

If you’ve already set up a blog then there are two issues that you have to tackle

1. What to blog about

2. Creating time to blog

These are two major reasons most bloggers complain about, therefore a lot of people give up their dreams of becoming a successful blogger. Some that took the step of launching a blog gave up along the way because of the road blocks of not having content to blog about.

Learning how to overcome this challenge should be the main priority rather than concluding that there is no way out. A lot of successful blogger started out today not knowing what to do but they kept pressing on until they break forth.

Once you can conquer the fear and you are ready to go the extra mile, in no time you will be far ahead of your competitors because in this age information rules and not just any information but information that is loaded with great content.

I\'m not a player I just blog a lot

Here are Some Great Tips to Get You Started:       

1. Just Get Started Procrastination is a thief of time; time is a commodity that you can’t recoup once it’s wasted. Sometimes we procrastinate because we don’t know what to do or we are afraid that things might not work out as expected.

The more efforts you put into the process, the better you become at Blogging. One of the styles revealed on best blogging site on the net is that Bloggers blog about answers to questions asked. Whenever anyone ask you questions about your products or services, you can publish the answer on your site.

You will find out that with this style you will never run out of content to publish. A Blogger who is an investment expert does this on his site all the time, anytime someone emails him questions about any aspect of investments; he answers the question and then publishes it on his site.

2. I’m not a Writer This is another excuse that people give, they hide behind the syndrome of them not being a writer therefore they find it difficult to get content to write about.

The good news is modern technology has turned almost all of us into a Writer, yes you might not write professionally but as long as you send emails and text messages then you are a writer.

Therefore I’m not a writer is not a true statement. If you meet people at social gatherings and they ask you about what you do, I bet you can go on and on about the products and services you offer.

The same manner in which you explain your Company’s products and services to People you meet is the same way you blog about them. When you talk about your products and services, you are advertising, start writing about the things you talk about. Imagine being in a room with potential customers, what are you likely to discuss? Whatever they are, these are things you blog about.

The starting point is to identified People’s needs or problems and then blog about how your products will meet their demands or solve their problems. This is the main way to build authority online, over a period of time you will become an expert in your field. People will not waste time referring others to you because they know you’ve got the answers.

3. Write Naturally You don’t have to be a College Professor to be a successful Blogger. Write naturally; write the way you speak to People. If you try to impress your visitors with vocabulary that are reserves for PHD holders you will lose them in no time.

One thing with internet surfers is, they have short span and any little thing could be a big turn off. Write about specific problems encountered about your customers and how you helped them to solve the problems.

List the benefits derived from the solutions, this will aid your visitors in buying decisions. Show them proofs of how you will support them wholeheartedly if they need help. Be natural by writing in a conversational tone; write about why your products and services are far better compare to your Competitors.

4. Authentic Voice You must write in a manner than convinces your customers that you are an expert in your field. This must come through in your description and explanation; one thing with the internet is the fact that face to face is almost non-existent.

Watching a video does help but still Visitors must hear your voice through your writing, once your readership starts to grow, you will able to gather all the data about their performances on your website.

Their performances are a pointer on how to transform your site into one of the best blogging sites. You will be able to develop a structure and style from activities on your site that will help you to increase the numbers of readership over time.

Having an authentic voice also means being able to provide quick answers, we’re currently living in a microwave World, even the Microwave World is too slow for a lot of people. Once your visitors know that in no time they will get the answers to their questions, your writing will automatically become an authentic voice.

5. Other Options If at the end of the day you believe that writing is not for you but you still want to be a Blogger then you could hire others to do it for you. Writing is hard work; it requires lots of self discipline and time. There are many options available for creating great contents for your Website or blog.

Some options are:

  • ·       You could delegate
  • ·       You could outsource
  • ·       Guest Blogging
  • ·       Content Curation
  • ·       Authority Publishing

This will all be covered in more details with future tutorials.


Creating Blog Content: How to get started…

The simplest form of writing articles for posting on your Blog is to write in plain text file, (E.g. Notepad) and then save it to your Computer. You don’t have to worry about editing for now, keep writing.

Rules for Post Title:

  • ·       The title must be brief
  • ·       Include your Keyword in the title
  • ·       The title must be compelling

Find some examples below:

  • ·       Marriage Counseling – A Basic Guide
  • ·       How to lose Weight in Ten days
  •         The Post Content

To get best result you need to write about 500 to 700 words per article, about 4-5 paragraphs. The content must address the followings:

  • ·       Educate your Readers
  • ·       Inform Visitors about the Value of your Products
  • ·       Provide useful benefits and tips about your Business
  • ·       Honest Products Reviews and Recommendations

A link must be included at the end of your article or better still a call to action in the closing paragraph that propels your visitors to take further steps.

For Examples Visitors could take the following action:

  • ·       Ask Visitors to visit the ordering page
  • ·       Link your post to your face book page
  • ·       Subscribe to YouTube Channel
  • ·       Follow you on Twitter
  • ·       Connected on LinkedIn
  • ·       Subscribe to your Newsletter
  • ·       Download a Free Report

By providing unique content to your visitors and aiding them in making the right decisions, you are positioning yourself as an expert in your field. In no time you will build trust with your Readers. Once you’re able to build authority and trust, People’s confidence in you will grow therefore responding more positively to your recommendations and offers.

Britain Going Blog Crazy Metro Article

Britain Going Blog Crazy Metro Article—Annie Mole (

Basic Guide to Blog Copy writing:

  • ·       Your Title must be captivating
  • ·       Write in short sentences
  • ·       Write in Plain English
  • ·       Break sentences into paragraphs
  • ·       Use Keyword Phrases
  • ·       Use Keyword Moderately
  • ·       A call to action

Tips on what to Blog about:

  • ·       Latest news about your Business
  • ·       Latest news about your Industry
  • ·       Products and Services Reviews
  • ·       Publish Customer’s Testimonials
  • ·       Special Offers and giveaways
  • ·       News about new Products
  • ·       Links to reliable resources
  • ·       How to save Money
  • ·       Training and Tutorials
  • ·       Free E-Books and Reports

Fast Content Creation Formula

The Fast content creation formula will help you to create an almost endless amount of Blog post.

Below is fast content creation formula: combines your areas of expertise with things like numbers, lists and time periods.

Numbers1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 25, etc … Lists = Top / Best / Worst / Most Controversial / Most Liked / Least Known / Most Hated / Most Beneficial / Most Harmful / etc … Time Periods = Current / Previous / Next / This Week / This Month / 6 months / 1 Year / 2-3 Years / 3-5 Years / 5 – 10 Years / etc … For example:

  • ·        5 Practical Things You Can Do This Week To Overcome Insert Topic Here At work
  • ·        10 Ways To Lose Insert Topic Here Fast
  • ·        7 Controversial Methods For Achieving Insert Topic Here
  •          10 Least Known Innovations That Changed Our Industry Forever
  • ·        Insert Topic Here: Myth or Fact? The 7 Myths About [Topic]

 Find Below Some Ideas for Blogging about Your Industry.

  • ·       Your mission statement, vision, aims and objectives, and goals
  • ·       Blog about ways your industry contributes to the progress of Humanity
  • ·       Describe in five ways how your Industry has evolved over the last five years
  • ·       Blog about Laws and Legislation that has affected your Industry
  • ·       Blog about how other Industries can learn from yours
  • ·       Write about recommended sources such as books, periodicals, videos, audios         and podcast.
  • ·       You can blog about the seminar and conferences you’ve attended lately
  • ·       Write about why your Industry is outstanding
  • ·       Talk about your Industry’s shortfall and plans to fixed it
  • ·       Publish Client’s testimonials on your site
  • ·       Blog about what Social Networking sites are saying about your Industry
  • ·       Talking about the hottest topic reigning in your Industry right now is a good idea
  • ·       Blog about Customer’s complains and how such complains were resolved
  • ·       Give compelling reasons People should join your Industry
  • ·       List names of People in your Industry that can be followed on Twitter
  • ·       Interview a great personality and publish this on your site.

If you need help or you want to increase your knowledge about how your site will be optimize for the search engine, perhaps you want to start making lots of money from blogging then as you move onto the next page you’ll begin to discover more about blog set up, blog configuration, etc. These techniques will help your blog to get on the first page of search engines as soon as possible.     

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